Prospective Students

You’re a problem solver, with the analytical aptitude to navigate today’s complex financial services industry. You’re looking to broaden your knowledge base and advance your career.

Firms of all types- but especially financial institutions- rely on highly sophisticated mathematical models to identify, measure and manage risk. UNC Charlotte’s M.S. in Mathematical Finance program trains you to connect your quantitative skills to the world of finance. You’ll benefit from a program that was developed in collaboration with industry leaders to give you the essential knowledge needed to success in today’s fast-paced financial arena.

Why UNC Charlotte's M.S. in Math Finance?

Ranked in the top 20 Mathematical Finance Programs by The Financial Engineer and top 25 by QuantNet.

UNC Charlotte’s Math Finance program is designed for a highly specialized talent pool to manage the increasingly complex financial services industry.

Career Placement
Graduates work in investment banking, financial modeling, software development, risk management, trading desk support, and portfolio management.

Location + Business Community
Located in the second largest financial center in the U.S., UNC Charlotte's Math Finance program provides students with the opportunity to network with classmates who are working professionals in the area. 

Early Entry
Exceptional UNC Charlotte undergraduate students are able to apply to the MS in Mathematical Finance program as an early-entry student and begin graduate coursework before completing their undergraduate degree. Up to 12 credit hours of graduate coursework can be counted towards both the undergraduate and graduate degree. Pay undergraduate tuition for any graduate coursework taken before completion of/graduating from the undergraduate program.


1. Apply through the Graduate School’s online application.
2. Must have a minimum of 75 undergraduate credit hours completed at time of admission and must have 90 hours completed before taking any graduate level course work.
3. Must have a minimum GPA of 3.2.
4. Take the GRE or GMAT.
5. Complete the required prerequisite.
6. If admitted, complete the Early-Entry Program Form

Further information regarding early-entry can be found on the Graduate School’s website.