Curriculum: Program Outline

The 30 hours consist of 18 hours of required core coursework and 12 hours of concentration courses for the specific concentration student select. Students must also pass a final, comprehensive examination.

6 Core Courses

All core courses are offered Fall and Spring semesters.

  • FINN/ECON 6203 Financial Economic Theory
  • FINN/ECON 6219 Financial Econometrics - prerequisite:  ECON/STAT 6113
  • FINN 6210 Financial Elements of Derivatives
  • FINN 6211 Fixed Income Securities and Credit Risk
  • ECON/STAT 6113 Cross Section and Time Series Econometrics
  • MATH 6203 Stochastic Calculus for Finance I

4 Concentration Courses

Students will choose one of three concentrations:

Students in this concentration will likely work in financial institutions, financial regulatory offices, or the asset management industry. Students are able to work on quantitative-oriented jobs in regard to financial modeling, model evaluation and portfolio strategies among others.

  • MATH 6204 Numerical Methods for Financial Derivatives - prerequisite:  MATH 6203
  • MATH 6205 Financial Computing - prerequisite:  MATH 6203
  • MATH 6206 Stochastic Calculus for Finance II - prerequisite:  MATH 6203
  • FINN 6212 Advanced Financial Derivatives - prerequisite:  FINN 6210

Students in this concentration are prepared to work in financial institutions, insurance companies, regulatory offices, or fund industry. All risk management related jobs include financial risk management, model evaluation, insurance risk management and general risk management in corporations and funds.

  • FINN 6213 Risk Management and Financial Institutions
  • FINN 6214 Asset and Portfolio Management
  • FINN 6215 Risk Management in Insurance Companies
  • FINN 6216 Quantitative Risk Management - prerequisite:  MATH 6203 OR FINN 6203 & ECON/STAT 6113

Students in this concentration will likely work with big data or in the financial industry. Given their exposure to big financial data, students are able to work on both the technology side and the financial side in financial institutions.

  • ECON 6217 Advanced Microeconometrics - prerequisite:  ECON/STAT 6113
  • ITCS 6114 Algorithm and Data Structures
  • ITCS 6160 Database Systems OR  ITIS 6120 Applied Databases
  • MBAD 6201 Business Intelligence and Analytics